Driving School Policy

Enrollment: From the date of enrollment, each student will have 6 months to complete their driving lesson course. If a student has not finished within the six months, the student will lose his/her deposit (as well as any promotional rate from the time of sign up) and will be subject to a $98 continuation fee.

Refunds/Transfers: Once a student enrolls, there are no refunds, and courses are not transferable to another student.

Lessons: Every student will be evaluated at the end of every lesson to keep them informed on their progress, and to be adviced on what they should be practicing.

Cancelling a Lesson: If for any reson you cannot keep an appointment, we ask for a 24 hour (minimum) advance notice. If there is a cancellation within 24 hours of an appointment, there will be a $45 cancellation fee added to the balance.

At Fault Accidents and Driving Infractions: All “At Fault” accidents with our vehicles will be covered by our liability insurance but the driver may receive 1 point on their driving record given by the DMV. If during a lesson, a student commits a moving violation and is cited by a police officer the ticket will go to the driver. Our instructor will do his/her best to prevent this but it is not a school policy, it is the law.

School Rights: Our associates and instructors have the right to refuse service or stop a class at any time if a student does not follow instructions, seems distracted, or acts disrespectfully during a lesson (or while in our facility.) Time left over will not be honored and parents will be notified of such conduct.